two eyes one dimple

passing out smiles. for free. on my good side.


I have only one good dimple. On the left side. Someone stole the other one from me. If you find said person, bring them to me! I kid. I’m striving to be a peaceful, centered being these days. Namaste.

After working ten years in higher education administration, I accumulated vast knowledge in student recruitment, student success initiatives, and data reporting. Before higher education, I worked in a call center for an airline — initially as an inbound call representative, then a groups specialist managing spreadsheets and finally a floor manager.

Answering a call for something greater, I decided to leave my stable career to teach English as a second language abroad. Recognizing the school system did not support my desire for freedom, I embarked upon the digital nomad life. Now I teach English online a few hours a week, write content articles and book reviews, and have pursued my passion as a plant-based chef among the community.

My long-time love has always been animals, so I travel as an international pet-care provider when the need arises. I started and was the sole owner of a pet-care business in the States after a successful venture into dog-walking for extra income.

Special Note:: I started this blog years ago, inconsistently posting when the time and words presented themselves. All posts written in or after June 2019 will likely sound significantly different, as I aim to improve my writing and expand my voice as an online contributor through text.

It’s been quite a journey! I don’t know what’s to come, but I’m for being here and glad you’re checking it out with me.

Thanks for visiting!

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